Businesses are battling to survive in South Africa

South Africa’s economy is in the doldrums. Unemployment has jumped to an 11 year high. Courtesy #DStv403

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  2. How much more pep talk are you going to feed us? I’m saving up money to move to Russia I’m done with South Africa. Everything was based on "conquering" white people. Look at us now, stuck with greedy people in government who cannot provide a good environment for business.

  3. Did I hear this thug say we need a massive skill program. You had it, then you raped it. You actually still do when you want to nationalize private schools. Thick as a brick.

  4. No talk on why unemployment has jumped to an 11 year high. No mention of how to handle the infighting within the ruling party. He constantly mentions what ‘"we need to do". He’s giving general incentives of what can or should be done. Which one of those suggestions are specifically being implemented NOW. Talk is cheap. I didn’t hear a solution that’s being implemented to turn the faltering economy around. Did I miss something?

  5. Let us frown. Let us use a serious tone. Let us talk about 4ir. Let us talk about the important investments of business.Let us kiss each other’s ar$$es….

    Sigh, I’m realy dying inside.

  6. Expropriation of land without compensation is the only way forward.
    People need to work the land in order to employ themselves.

  7. What a joke – minimum wage, BEE, – wait until the land without compensation – Escom – SAA – you name it.

  8. Neoliberal capitalism is the issue. That’s why middle America is dying, that’s why Brexit happened and it’s why Europe is going through upheavals. Democratic Socialism as espoused by people like Dr. Richard Wolf(google him) is the only way. ✌🏿& ❤

  9. I’m surprised no one has linked the new minimum wage to the sudden increase in unemployment, seems like a fairly obvious link.

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