Because, They came from Turkey.

Turkey’s former President of Religious Affairs Mehmet GORMEZ talked about the schools of the global terrorist organization FETO.

In the 80s and 90s, the schools which we followed with a great envy in Central Asia, Africa and Balkans and works in Europe
was a Project.
Global Evil’s project. And what is the purpose? The purpose is educate colonial intellectuals for further exploitation. And That’s what happened. I give two examples. One of them is Kazakhstan’s former President of Religious Affairs. He said that “I see three problems in children studying in these schools in this geography.” He said that in 2009. “First Family ties disappear.” “Loyalty to the structure (structure:Gulenist terrorist organization) takes precedence over family ties.” “Second, The nation’s bond is gone.” “None of them has an ideal about the future of Kazakhstan.” Loyalty to the structure (Gulenist terrorist organization) takes precedence over the national bond. And third is most important There is no ummah (TN:muslim community) bond. Loyalty to the structure (Gulenist terrorist organization) takes precedence over the ummah bond.
3 weeks ago the leader of the Burkino Faso Muslims came to my room. I asked “What you know about this structure.” They said: “We have always hated them because of their three characteristic. We suppressed those hatreds because of their one characteristic. I asked “what are these characteristics that you hate?” “They didn’t like any poor. They didn’t educate any poor child. They educated only the rich’s and manager’s children for collect power. Second “They always preferred Christians to us.” Third “We’ve never seen a sign of Islam. We didn’t see that they started a meeting with a ayah (TN:Quran verse) or a Quran or they opened a masjid (TN:small mosque) in a school.” I asked “Why were you supressing this hatred?” “Because, They came from Turkey.” He said. “Their coming with Turkey’s salaam was enough of us.”

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