BBC reporter caught in intense South Sudan battle – BBC News

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South Sudan troops trying to recapture the oil hub of Bentiu from rebels have been forced back amid heavy gunfire.

The BBC’s Alastair Leithead, who is in the UN compound on the outskirts, saw a contingent of troops in retreat.

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  1. The Southsudan government must ends the war and call for popular elections. Stop now with the murder, rape and starvation. In name of GOD stop now.

  2. The war broke out on December 15 2013 when the president salva kiir sacked his whole cabinet. And fired everyone from the Vice President to the rest of the SPLM. (Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement) members, arrested them and locked them up. Because he think they were plotting a coupe Accept for riäk machar, who escaped. Because he didn’t like the idea of going into the prison without a reasonable explanation. And garang’s wife whom he left alone because he said he had respect for garang. And put her in a house arrest anyway.

    Then again the president and his guards went to riek’s house, they didn’t find riek. They destroyed the house and pursued riek. And also just went into the town of juba started calling and dragging out all the nuer mens they could find out of their homes and started killing them. Just because they are nuer. And also because riek machar a nuer. When they pursued riek, he started to resist. And the nuer people who got their relative killed for their ethnical background got upset, took arms and joined the revolutionary army some of the civilians went and killed Dinka civilians because some Dinka civilians were involved in the killing in juba.

    And that’s what has been goin on but most od the civilians are still in good relationships. with one another and some parts we see nuer civilians or Dinka civilians protection gone another from arm.

  3. And there was a peace agreement thing that was supposed to be on as fighting should stop because civilians got hurt more and more but as you can see the government keeps one breaking it.

    But then says it’s the rebels that breaks the peace agreement.

  4. Stopping the genocide in Sudan (say Darfur) is where I was willing to give my life.  Why in the sweet holy f*** did Nato forces not get the green-light to do some good old fashioned separation so negotiations could occur, I do not understand.  But how I wish I could have done some good in this region.

    Good to see eye’s are still on in the region.  Thanks to you U.N.

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