BBC Focus on Africa – Ghana money worries

Ghanaians rush to the bank to try and salvage some of their savings after twenty-three savings and loans companies are shut down by the Central Bank

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  1. This coincides with the 400 year of prophecy ending. They want to discourage return OR The Most High wants to punish Hamites for their lack of action in Israel’s kidnapping and enslavement. His judgment is fair.

  2. Omar Al Basir you are doomed… From President to Prisoner. African leaders please learn from this and adjust from your evil ways… Rest in Hell

  3. Al Bashir committed serious international crimes, Genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, in darfur. these crimes amount to life imprisonment according to Rome statute Of ICC. I do not think Sudanese jurisdiction is capable of trying al bashir.

  4. It’s amazing how BBC is not focusing on events marking "the year of the return " in Ghana for the decendants of enslaved Africans in the diaspora. This will mark a significant drop in public services like the NHS. Carefully selected.

  5. The people who has the money control the central bank. Who control all central banks??? This seems to be a way to kill travel to Ghana because a unstable government especially banks causes problems.

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