BADU KOBI finally replies KEN AGYAPONG, Queen mother , Wife’s div0rce & dɑughter’s $ɛx tape

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50 Responses

  1. You are just shouting.You are not teaching anything.Where are your scriptural basis?Spiritual pomposity !!!

  2. This is not Christianity. This man and s leading the people astray.
    He doesn’t present himself as a servant of and a follower of Jesus.

  3. You this bloggers are fools..instead of you to concentrate to make sure Nana Addo crate jobs so that the youth…you r posting people insulting men of God..One love Ghana TV,you guys r very fools and TGAOTU will let sickness that have no cure will come to those posting insult of Prophet Badu Kobi.make it happen So Mote it be!!

  4. There’s no miracle greater than the word of God dwelling in you…… so pls teach the people the Bible…

  5. And this foolish ppl are still there listening to him what course are u talking about what about u insulting ppl God will punish u also for that kwasia kwa us moda jeemi jeemi postor my foot

  6. He is on point. Those who have hears should hear. I’m going to follow this man from now on because he is different. We need brave men of God to check this country. When things are going wrong about this country and he says it, he is turned to support the opposition meanwhile when other party was in opposition was and was hitting on then party in power they were happy. Hypocrisy spirit is dominant in the life’s of Ghanaians too much.

  7. n yet he still have all these stupid people listening. lack of knowledge my people perish ampa..hw3 ne gyimii bi ..ignorance at it’s best

  8. Somenody here must watch K Owireku on YouTube, Google, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer and all digital playstores and subscribe and comment

  9. Sir God wants your heart. He’s doing everything to get your attention. Why sir? Please I beg you to humble yourself and ask God to grant you the spirit of discernment to understand him deeper and better. Christ was very humble. He even used the word meek to explain better how humble we need to be. Please your pride is almost tangible. Sometimes God uses your enemy to advice you because he knows those around you will dare not do so. May God help you sir. Thanks

  10. Jesus went to school in Egypt and was trained by a Rabbi Which you don’t know and you are just worrying Ghanaians with all this nonsense and foolishness and mind games you can continue to do this in only in Ghana

  11. We blacks we don’t want to learn if we do so we will never follow whitemen religion because religion was invented to control human being and blacks believe that and wasting time

  12. He lied all the time, He did not appear anywhere with people connected with high position whose buy what he said recently, he very pride, just Am sorry he could say, what is this a heavy job. Am shocked people are still listen to him

  13. Man ofGod please preach the word of God and stop defending yourself, you cannot change anybody’s background in this world, you are not God, please do Christ sake lead your congregation to Christ for God will ask you

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