AU under fire for sacking its envoy to the United States

The African Union Commission has come under fire after sacking its envoy to the United States Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao. A letter from AU Chair Moussa Faki Mahamat to Dr. Chihombori-Quao, published online has been circulating on social media and in reaction, an online petition has also been launched to demand her reinstatement.

We now cross to our correspondent in Ethiopia where the AU is headquartered, Coletta Wanjohi is in Addis Ababa.

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50 Responses

  1. Dr Arikhana Chihombori Quao : Black people is superior to uncolored people ( white people ).
    Moussa Faki : You are fired .

  2. Anyone who recognizes the power they have as African people and so tries to educate the rest of blind Africans in the world is killed or silenced by white powers. People need to wake up. It is too blatant now!!!

  3. Can anyone forward me the ambassador’s contact please we need to stand up for her. No way we will let down our only soldier. Galvanize and organize a worldwide mass protest to get her at the helm of the AU for the next 10 years or dissolve the AU. This is the time to fight to restore Africa

  4. They fired her Because she was just bold speaking out for Africa. It’s sad how some Africans themselves put theirselves in the position to activate outside influences which pertain to the lost of their people. We want more leaders like her for the Continent no matter what we do Africa for Africans 1st please don’t forget.

  5. This is a disgrace to our Motherland. Tough action should be take against those found guilty of betraying our African motherland.

  6. Why this long to respond to this illegality. What happens to investigative journalism?
    Don’t bring people who supports the action. Women must rise to call for the sack of the AU chairman, he is a poppet.

  7. Its why we should never watch Mainstream media like this coz they are controlled by the establishment.This segment interviewed a terrible reporter who dodged the obvious question and deflected the subject at hand.So this is gutter Journalism by puppet reporters of the establishment.Its why we watch Black owned New media like 2nacheki and others coz they tell the truth without sugar coating it.The reporter on the phone is so diabolical at her work,she is is a waste of time.

  8. Africa must wake up, colonialism is still over Africa that chairman of AU who fired her is the puppet of France. He should be forced to resign himself. We can have Dr Chihombori as president of a United Africa. Africa Unity, Africa Unity.

  9. Britain and Buhari should stop killing Biafras In Nigeria they brought Christianity to eastern Nigeria and hand over power to the muselem In the North ask them never to allow Igbo Baifra to Rule over them because the igbos are wise poeple

  10. They are not under fire as long as she has not be reinstated. Our leaders don’t care about us. They disgust me, honestly.

  11. Anytime a big voice start advocating for restorative justice for the people of the African Diaspora, they sack us. Giving back what the colonial powers took from us will bankrupt them.
    They got rich stealing and killing.

  12. We don’t need these bunch of blood suckers slave drivers so called Leaders. That’s why I have been calling for total OVERTHROW of all these Fake African Leaders.

  13. That puppet that foolish man should go let all Africans to speak one voice to push that useless man out from power he can not help us

  14. Dr Arikana Chihombori-Quao is now free of the AU servants of Neo Colonizers, she can fly free now AFRICA WILL BE FREE !

  15. Reinstate her, she’s got more balls than many African leaders I have seen. Our African leaders are still enslaved. Wake the F..k up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. What Busch people
    If Nigeria government was capable enough to handle Nigerian
    No one one will leave
    1€ = 480N what a shame?
    But we are still Nigerian.

  17. Chair Moussa Faki Mahamat, is disgrace to all africa Nation and africa Americans,this is a Woman who know what the White has done to african,Mr moussa Need to go,

  18. Stupid African leaders were forced by France to sack the only person in Africa who cares for Africa. We want this IRON LADY back

  19. If the African Union doesn’t reinstate Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao or replace her with someone who has the same fire in their belly like the Dr, then African Union in my eyes have credibility issues.

  20. That is the tragedy of Africa the true vision holder are all crashed and we left with these neocolonial projects with this behaviour Africa will go nowhere

  21. Hahahaha very dumb sacking her. Now she’s gonna be AU president. Africa is time to stand with your daughter

  22. Would she care about non black Africans ? If not she is a black supremacist while AU is there for all Africans regardless of their color.

  23. The ambassador is one of the few people that were uniting African slave descendants with Continental Africans.
    Teaching the truth, removing the blinds to tell the true History. The African Union is doing nothing for us. There are a lot of puppets in this organization that cater to the European colonial masters. Next, ambassador the AU send we who live in the Americas would not pay attention. So, we know that they are not for descendants of slave in the Americas or the African Diasporas.


  25. France is the most shameless and greatest colonial criminal on planet earth! Very GREEDY AND BRUTAL… If the Dr Ambassador’s assertions were wrong, believe me France would’ve refuted the claims immediately on international media platforms but no, they preferred to use their puppets in AU. On the other hand, I’ve long lost hope in AU for 2 reasons… 1). They’re absolutely visionless and has NO positive agenda on the plight of Africans 2). One of their own was killed; I mean Col. Gadaffi and they were all docile and men without balls

  26. She remains the Ambassador of the Diaspora to Africa. That she is no longer wanted by the AU is insignificant to us.

  27. This is not the end of Dr. Arikana. This will even motivate her more. This is how the world we live in is. The world hates the truth.

  28. She spoke what has never been spoken by coward African Presidents about the ongoing injustices being committed to African by France. She spoke the truth and now puppets serving colonial masters in the pretense of being AFRICAN LEADERS PLOT TO FIRE HER

  29. SABC News map of Africa doesn’t show South Sudan as a territorial nation!!!
    To the matter at hand, who has the link to the online petition ..?

  30. That settles it.
    Option 1: pull out of AU and start Sub-Saharan AU.

    Option 2: reprimand Egypt. Dissolve their membership.

    Option3: non-colonized nations need veto powers. Those who actually control their own economies.

  31. Black people should stand together on the matter of Grand Renaissance Dam on river Nile in Ethiopia. No country helped us to build it; everybody (international institutions) sided with Egypt by not giving loan and financial support. They look at black people down all the time and never care about our economic difficult and poverty as well as starvation! We must stand together as we stood against Appartiad in South Africa!! This time against Injustice!!

  32. The African Union should be disbanded😐it’s useless and holding us back.we need a new organization that won’t be controlled by the western leaders.African leaders are weak and puppet since they can’t fight for us and save us I think we should do for our selves….

  33. The AU did the right thing. Africa can do nothing. France is taking the resources diplomatically. But without the AU it would take them by force. You can talk as muchas you want. Africa has no power. Africans are even lucky to be treated so well.

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