At least three killed as Sudan civil disobedience takes off

Doctors say at least three protesters have been killed in Sudan as a civil disobedience campaign begins.
The Sudanese opposition called for the campaign and a general strike starting on Sunday. The campaign follows a military crackdown on protesters wanting civilian rule.
At least 117 people have been killed in the military’s crackdown on protesters.
Al Jazeera speaks to Samahir Elmubarak, spokeswoman for the Sudanese Professionals Association, who says the civil disobedience campaign is a non-violent way of sending a message that the military “are not to rule the Sudanese people”.
Additionally, Al Jazeera’s Imran Khan has just returned from Khartoum and joins us in the studio. He was banned from reporting in Sudan during his time there.

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50 Responses

  1. These ignorant protesters are foreign stooges working for the same colonialists European & western countries directly or indirectly that used to colonized them & steal their natural resources 😂😂😂 these protesters are such idiots. Must stop these protesters punish them arrest more of their leaders specially SPA. the TMC should Hire privet security guards & send them to watch those who are protesting & arrest them one by one arrest all their leaders who wants to destabilize Sudan must not allow these protesters to destroy Sudan may Allah protect Sudan from all evil plots.

  2. In ways most world leaders, powerful businesses, leading countries, and powerful authoritative people are running from or avoiding problems they and/or past leaders created that less privileged or more vulnerable populations of people are victims of. They are also avoiding real solutions. Most, if not all, societal structures in the world need to change because they are destructive, oppressive, and repressive. The positive changes should and generally need to start from the leading and most powerful entities. Hopefully, there will be a day the primary and most powerful leaders of the world do the most positive and logical things for serious problems in the world and world problems to decrease and stop.

  3. How is that civil disobedience, when the military that protected it’s citizens against former dictator started shooting the same people that sheltered in their military headquarters? It’s clearly the military that’s betraying the civilians that was supposed to protect by all means.

  4. But I guess you have no oil since South Sudan took most of it. No funding of armed groups. You don’t matter to the world Sudan. Now it’s your turn to eat it

  5. My sudanese boyfriend is in sudan i cannot contact him since yesterday. Im a filipino, im so worried , can someone help me please

  6. Now Sudan knew the true face of the military’s oppression , we’ve had the same situation before ,and now the next step of subtling they’ll try to break your mobilization ,the deep society in sudan won’t let you taking it from ’em, and be ready cuz they’re gonna strike with their strong suite. Guys don’t let your different ideology and mindset break your unifying
    "From Egypt with love"

  7. This ‘Civil Uprise’ is coming to America. The Demo-Crazy system called U.S. [which is NOT an Organic Republic Government] has polluted the WORLD and now violence and corruption has swept the planet.

  8. It’s really fun to fight against the government or the authorities. I have to admit that insurgency is really fun, but the economic consequences of your actions and the devastating effect that it will have on the future Sudanese economy will not be as fun –trust me.

    Fighting your own Military is just plain stupid.

  9. I Pray for Sudanese, Be Strong…. i didn’t like Abiy Ahmed Ethiopia…. his involving sudan??? Ethiopia and Eritrea BOTH Countries were in Sudan…. when these two countries had a problems…. Omar Bashir was good to them…. Now Abiy Ahmed did back step Sudan leaders…. That’s Not good! Now Y’all see that Mess…
    Inshaalh kheyr…

  10. Until Sudan leaves the Arab League they will never have peace!
    Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt are always meddling in Sudanese affairs the Arab world does not see you as equal because you are Africans!… Period!
    They have always backed your corrupt leaders against you.
    North Africans (white Arabs) are the descendants of Turks who invaded North Africa from the Ottoman Empire, between 600-700AD, They murdered and enslaved 60% of the indigenous African population, hence the Arab slavetrade, which still continues To this day, the Arab World will never see Sudanese people
    As equals, they never have and never will. Just look at how the interviewer
    Is talking to the Sudanese lady.

    Look how Arabs treat indigenous Africans in other Arab nations!!

  11. there is a clear bias in the questioning here in support of the military, the host is obviously aggressive towards the activist without acknowledging the violence and abuse from the government

  12. مدنياااااااااااااااااووووووووو🇸🇩🇸🇩🇸🇩🇸🇩🇸🇩

  13. Guard the revolution. Despite the lack of support from those who proclaim freedom, human rights, democracy the people of these countries support you.

  14. Better time’s are ahead….. Struggle is inevitable….. Democracy will be reinstated.
    But keep religion out of politics.

  15. The tigre and Eritreans are fueling the unrest in Sudan . tigre/ TPLF want the military to continue to lead Sudan like albashire did the other hand Eritrea want the oppositions . even this lady we are seen in this interview are eriterian .

  16. The civil disobedience hurts and hits everyone very hard including the protesters, yet it is the loudest voice of rebellion.
    We must make it sustainable.
    We must intensify our vigil and report junta’s crackdown on our people.
    Let`s win the whole free world on our outside.
    Keep sharing reports of violence and atrocities, however, remain peaceful….

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