APC Party Boycott Parliament Opening – Sierra Network WanPot Show

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The Opening of the Second Parliament by President Bio and APC Party members walked out of the Well of Parliament.

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50 Responses

  1. Yes APC Publicity Secretary, Mr. Cornelius Deveaux once said it, that they’ll make the SLPP Government Ungovernable. SLPP should take note on this man’s alteration of such words.

  2. The problem lies in the APC-inspired Salone constitution which was framed to give god-like powers to the President. Remember the cry ‘world’s best’?

  3. Our problems in sierra leone will never solved if our leaders are wrongly divided. why APC peoples will leave parliament twice in one year. Regardless of any personal issues should be put aside and contribute to the opening of the parliament. If someone called you a thief and you agreed then you are guilty.

  4. Crying down the APC for their actions in Parliament is useless and baseless ideology.
    you people should remember quiet back when this Junta regime came back and intimidate, kill, burned houses and destroyed properties belonging to the APC, have you realized it was a bad practice in our fragile democracy? Are you human or bush animals to not thinking properly? Maada Bio kept quiet and allowed his selfish supporters to intimidate, divide, beat, kill, and harass the opposition what have you done for that? Tribalism and sacking people unlawfully with hate is that a good democracy? Is the SLPP more civilized than all Sierra Leoneans to not succumbed to the constitution of Sierra Leone? This is the only treatment to bring the SLPP to their mad senses. Man please let’s think wisely before commenting.

  5. This is disgraceful for our country.
    Bio needs to be honest with himself and stop being hypothetical and tribalistic and too partician.

    Sierra Leone is bigger than any political party.

    Selfish leadership will never have space in our country anymore.

  6. Until the APC are stripped of their ill gotten wealth, they will not be serious to work for the betterment of our country.

  7. Over half a century since attaining independence from Great Britain, Sierra Leone has yet to demonstrate capability for self-governance. The evidence of British Colonial legacy throughout Sierra Leone suggests two things. Firstly, that Sierra Leone had a premature independence, and a as a result it is unable to move ahead and find an enviable place among the international community of nations. Secondly, that Sierra Leone is content with what was handed over by the British – a nation that is content with its current status does not yearn for development. Our politics and political climate demonstrate these two factors.

    I tell fellow Sierra Leoneans that Sierra Leone is greater than political parties, regions, tribes and politicians. However, when I listen to people of my generation discuss Sierra Leone politics, I wonder what legacy we will leave for generations after us. After all Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans went through, one would expect that our priorities would focus on nation building and growth. However, here we are again in a vehicle that is not moving and no destination is charted.

    What we have achieved though, is regional and tribal politics that is so prominent throughout the country. Bravo to APC and SLPP – your politics of divide and rule sets Sierra Leoneans against each other in the most meaningless but yet destructive ways. Politicians who have nothing to offer their people and country practice divide and rule politics. We are one people – this is demonstrated in intermarriages between tribes and unity among religious groups throughout the country. However, politicians do their best to set us against each other.

    Nations around us, who perhaps, suffered setbacks in their history are taking long strides toward development. But we are in a vehicle that is going nowhere and there is no destination in mind. We are so comfortable in the little we have and don’t want to be bothered about moving ahead. In the mid-80s Ghana was labelled as poor and backward. Today, revenues from higher institutions of learning in Ghana is enough to run Sierra Leone comfortably for a couple of years. We still pride in the fact that FBC was regarded as the Athens of Africa – what is it today? Our neighbours think that something is wrong with us but we don’t think we have problems. We are comfortable and still holding fast to our colonial legacy (narrow roads and dilapidated colonial bungalows)

    We put poor people into public offices and they become millionaires and billionaires – while more than 95% of our people live in poverty. Those who think that educated people will help develop Sierra Leone, have always voted for candidates with multiple degrees but Sierra Leone is still at the bottom of development. My teacher at Kissy Police Primary School in Freetown – Mr Kanneh once said that "the best wisdom for development of any country is the love of country". I don’t know if Mr Kanneh is still alive. Today, our politicians are more established overseas than in Sierra Leone – some have dual citizenship and divided loyalties. Those who are tired of living overseas move to Sierra Leone claiming to be political messiahs – the only ones to save Sierra Leone. Most are nothing but hustlers. I could go on and on but let me stop here.

    I will close by saying that Sierra Leone is greater than political parties, regions, tribes and politicians. Sierra Leone cannot develop unless its leaders make it a deliberate decision. Mr Kanneh’s statement is still relevant today – love of country is the wisdom for national development. Long live Sierra Leone.

  8. Who cares if these politicians walkout on each other? How is that relevant to the issues the country is faced with that need to be addressed? It has no relevancy whatsoever. It would’ve been more interesting to talk about why there aren’t any public bathrooms in the country in 2019 than this. Or why are they allowing junk vehicles on the street, which by the way are causing so many accidents and preventing traffic flow.

  9. Sierra Leone is divided through the leadership of bio, due to tribal intimidation, this boycott of the APC begins through the slpp during the leadership of President koroma

  10. The SLPP are taking the meek.
    Since these people came in power I see division.These people are misusing power.Bravo to all APC parliamentarian atleast they are acting now no dull moment. Those parliamentarians are representing the grassroot people their opinions are important.

    Let’s try peace

  11. APC parliamentarian need to pay for their art. The president is taking it too lenient with this parliamentarians. That is disgrace to themselves.

  12. This is a Clea manifestation that the APC are there in the House of Parliament for the Party. The believe in the ideology of their party. They said party first.

  13. To be honest am not going to blame APC or either SLPP on this bulshit. My blame goes to we the foolish citizens of Sierra Leone because we fail to standup for our country instead we standing with this useless parties. How can we go so low to accept madness like this we fuckin paying this guys our money to represent us the people’s instead they walking out of the house where they supposed to fight for us. APC you show us your dishonest loyalty of our country shame on you all twwww.

    I always saying this salone nor go ever go forward if den two party ya nor get out in power. Sierra Leonean better wakeup cuz the worst is about to come just pay attention.

    Even if you’re not in favor of what the SLPP are doing. That is the right time to fight them in to their faces instead you walking out completely nonsense 😡😡

  14. There is no good he did in the past one year instead people are dieing with hunger and inflation is destroying the country everyday since he stepped into office


  16. Smh!!!!! Sierra Leonean, to be honest with u this is a slap to our face…… am not in support or against the act that happened in the state house few days ago but if we don’t change our ideology & mindsets in the way we doing things Sierra Leone will forever remain the same.However, politics had divide our nation instead of putting our country first……The reason being, our country is not that developed or developing where in u can do whatever u like oh no!!!!! u don’t have to do that. My advice if you people don’t try to put your grievance aside and find a professional measures to push our beloved country forward believe in me we would 4ever remains the same. For instance take a look @ Ghana for example a Sierra Leonean man told me he came to Ghana 2002 for studies majority of the places when he left that was not develop( constructed ) when he visited recently he can’t believe it how far they’ve gone…..u see this is what we call development. Now let’s come to Sierra Leone, Pa Kabba rules 2 yrs b4 his 2 term of office meaning he rules for 12yrs and Pa Earnest rules for 10yrs and now d current president 1yr total of 23 yrs truly speaking no standard roads no stable electricity, no proper water & medical facilities. eno, this is really frustrating….. why can’t we put all our minds in running the state instead of running it as a business? Regardless of whatever disputes you guyz have in parliament but don’t u forget that president Bio is our president he deserves his respect don’t u forget that also the whole world is watching.

  17. The very president itself started diving Sierra leone by doing some celebrations in the south east which normally celebrated in Freetown what a selfish president

  18. Apc propaganda machine political party, they are criminal racketeering political…no one else in the interest of the country, they only care about themselves, and them family

  19. The president call for all the political parties he dont have to name one party as if they are superior that the others APC shame on you.

  20. The MP are there for there people or party? They should be there to represent there people in there verious community APC only a fool will dance behind you

  21. If the past Government would have left things in place Sierra Leonears will not suffer like this. Bio is trying to put things in places but there are people who are not using their common senses trying to pull this present Government down but they are disgracing them selves and their APC party thunder will fire them God bless Bio and Sierra Leone

  22. "Sierra Leone is greater than political parties, regions, tribes and politicians" (Johaness Hanson, 2019). Australia.

  23. Bio is deliberately allowing the APC to devalue or undermine their own importance in Salone politics by their silly actions.

  24. Most of this things are caused by the people who doesn’t fit to be elected as a member of parliament. How do we expect to develop when we are not one thing (together ) just propaganda without any better achievement. SLPP and APC you failed our country

  25. APC will focus on one thing until the loose the 2023 election, focus on two things KKY or Sam Sumana took over as head of state, focus on three things until loose 2029 election, focus on four things one of this two guys go second round as head of state. Before coming to realizing their fault in 2034 most of them will be weak politician in age while Sierra Leone will be in seen as dependable and developed country. But who would blame most for their failure, i think they should asked themself in their Makeni convention of selecting the 2018 aspirant for the APC party. When there is proper monitoring in office and no leakages of money common call (masmas) staff will advocate for salary increment just as the APC representative in parliament asked President Bio to do few days ago. Listen!!! commission of enquiring is not a witch hunt but National resources hunt. simple as it is, Mr man please give account of all the money funded by Sierra Leone government in all the project carryout in your office. Corruption has kill more than civil war in Africa according to Prof PLO Lumumba. With all our national resources which all the past government where emback on as national development has failed us in all the past years with all the past leader. Now President Bio is focus of building the Human Resources which is Education. Backing up with Agriculture and Health. Discipline is not hatred may be we should learned from President Bio after his tenor of services.

  26. Sierra Leone has been divided since apc was in power, the current president he trying very hard, but there’s some evils in that country call themselves apc

  27. At the end of the day, the APC are going to be caught off guard as they continue to test the resolve of Mr. President.

  28. Some of you are not honest . Just sit back and think about Ernest when he won the election and was going to Kenema when the people block the roads did the Makeni people did it to Bio. Let go down to history. SLPP is not good for our country. Who started tribalism? It was during Margai regime in the 60 that tribalism starts. Talking about sacking the VP. Thank God he serve for years before he was sacked. Less than three months Charles Margai was sacked as Anthony general. What is dividing the nation is ( do me are do you. Teet for tat) HE think we are in a junta regime. Let go down to memory lane. In 1967 what happened after the election which was won by Shiaka Stevens? The SLPP put up a fight. We know the SLPP for violence. ( Way u put de pieces nar wata nobody nor tok but way u go pull am nar de wata people begin for tok) that is what is happening now. You know how many times SLPP had walk out of parliament. People should think before they talk. But it there opinion. Thank God am not a sycophants or party pekin. Did Ernest called them tiff. SLPP all over the place calling people thieves in fact when they are the worst thieves. Corruption starts from the days of Margai go and do your research. Was corruption not in the Tejan Kabba regime?., ,Did Ernest go all over the place calling them thieves?. I will bet you that when the audit report will be out some of you will faint or shut your mouth. Why did John Benjamin, Munda Rogers another’s keep back? We are saying he should hand over If he don’t know how to rule us. Just dividing the nation with hate speech. Only few of his minister’s are mature like the health and education. The worst is the minister of information. Tell your SLPP that we are not in campaign mood but governance. Campaign is over.

  29. The New Direction is the right way to go. Let us put our hands on deck to support the President in his quest to bring change to our country

  30. This behavior of APC shows they are not working for the country, how would they walk out on the president? These APC politicians are like kindergarten attendees. You APC embarrassed Sierra Leone… Your horizon is that of a baby. Sierra Leone is our country not yours, you guys are outrageous because you are not in power. Shameless fools

  31. Most of you SLPP suporters are big fools!
    APC did well because they are representing there people and respect Democracy.

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