ANC losing ground in South Africa amid corruption accusations

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RNC losing ground in South Africa amid corruption accusations

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12 Responses

  1. South Africa must try to reduce the monopoly of the ANC since it has become a safe home for corrupt politicians and desperately usuing hate and xenophobia against fellow Africans and not the colonialists, as a platform to stay relevant in power.
    Vote another party that will do things differently.

  2. Thieving is irrisistable to the African mind! Literally cannot help themselves .. no pun intended!

  3. She is lying Pastor she must ashamed. All of them are criminals. Am very hurt. We are voting for DA Mmusi Maimane our President

  4. How long before their version of IdI Amin Dada comes to power ? Let’s hope another Desmond Tutu comes on scene before that.

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