Analysts speak on Nigeria vs Ethiopia clash pt.3

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  1. . Instead of looking the fact that Ethiopia have been struggling in a number of internal problems for many years and having arguable one of the worst football facilities in world and less funding for football compare to Nigeria , it would be fair to admire Ethiopia for making it this far . Unfortunately the guy on red shirt wants to talk nonsense. This shows the level of your personal maturity and football knowledge.

  2. It is really springing the way you guys hype the Nigeria football team .I just wonder how you would act if you had a team like Spain. Of course Nigeria is the champions of African and much better footballers than Ethiopia but just show a little bit of respect beside this Nigeria team aint play attractive football and failed to replace super star players like okocha. I know Nigeria will make it to the world cup but you will be probly one of the first teams booking the plane ticket back to Lagos

  3. Our team ethiopian is now like uraguy and spain.dont dream we have the winng spirt .our team is not scaterd like nigeria is all old history we will bet you in addis ababa

  4. please shut up people they are Nigerians in which famous players are available can u compare ur self with Nigeria. U know what Nigerians are Nigerians…They were African shampions…Trust me they will tear Ethiopia in to pieces.

  5. they are not white colonize they not motivatid, what a shame to say to ur own race punk nigeria. we Ethiopian are very prod people we fought white people and maintain our in dependency for real africans, and that was when ur anncesstoriess were being fucked by white people. succers you think educated talking shit about the rastafrian country!

  6. Mike. slaves were african americans, african Latina,afro Caribbeans, west an east and othere parts of Africa sold them into slavery also there are blacks in the Americas with slave blood and ethiopian saying such foul words just proves how people who think they are better are the ones usually in the wrong if being racist is your priority go to Italy russia Greece there are a who platters of racist countries most poor and drug infested I heard the Ukraine has low rent

  7. whats that small guy in red shirt talking about? u must be dreaming. u spoiled the show. u talk a lot of nonsense i don’t think u r professional.we’ll c wats going to happen after 20 days.i wish u free ur self from this white supremacy( u said ur players play abroad so they r way better) mentality and respect your league. don’t slave ur self willingly small foolish boy.we’ll see ur old men on the field sooner lol.

  8. You probably get away against Ethiopia but trust me I would to like see Nigeria facing the football giant team like Brazil, Spain or even dysfunctional England national team then I hope that teaches you (particularly the guy on the red) a very important thing called respect. You will know it feel like to be downgraded without respect .

  9. We Ethiopians will fight, and we know that we shall win, as we are confident in the victory of good over evil.

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