African Union: Questioning the legacy

As African governments celebrate a golden anniversary of unity, has it really served its people? Inside Story, with presenter Stephen Cole, discusses with guests: Shadrack Gutto, professor of African Renaissance Studies at the University of South Africa; Adama Gaye, the CEO and founder of Newforce Africa – an Africa China Consulting Group; and Alex Vines, the head of Africa programme at Chatham House.

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  1. The Africans unions know that the polizario are terrorist organization so why is the African union lawed terrorist organization in the union ???????

  2. How can the AUSTRALIAN Be effective in serving Africa, while the Puppet Master is breathing down their necks and making sure that they always Fail???

  3. Nigeria’s economy is $440 billion and development is a process. Nigeria started at a low base, unlike countries in Asia and thus has had to build everything, even a sense of nationhood.

  4. The world will not survive a year without Africa, but we are not getting the respect we deserve. we don’t need foreign aid what we need is freedom to practice our peace and lovely culture. stop the import of GMO’s and SAP’s ….. go back to trade by bata

  5. Nigerian economy is not strong my friend. Am from Nigeria and I can say so authoritatively. It is an oil based economy that will collapse when oil prices fall in the next 3 years. No other country other than South Africa has a well diversified economy. None. Nada!

  6. Calling me a liar won’t vindicate your ignorance of facts! What is generated internally is a drop in the bucket compared to the potential. You hurt your argument by blabbing about Nigeria’s GDP being a source of strength for the economy. FYI: Nigeria’s GDP is only about $273bn my friend! If that is your idea of a strong economy in a country of over 160 million, then you need to go back to school. That only comes to about $1,600 per capita. Nigeria’s GDP needs to be around $2trillion .

  7. Africa will move forward when Africans decide to take matters into their own hands and get rid of corrupt leaders. Stop with the blame game its getting old

  8. I won’t descend so low like you by using a curse word. All I know is that your kitchen sink strategy of demonizing me shows clearly that you lost this debate. If PPP is used in GDP calculations, why is the U.S the largest economy in the world and not China or South Africa, the biggest economy in Africa instead of Nigeria? You show your ignorance by throwing baseless statistics around. You are the one disgracing yourself by your illiteracy!

  9. No, Caucasians are not responsible for all of our problems. So please stop being a racist black supremacist

  10. Africa will move forward when their citizens can freely choose and elect their leaders without any influence from the international community. We don’t need outside communities to comes with their own interest and impose their agendas on us. African leaders that bow to this people should be ashamed of themselves. You might think that you are safe because you are working with them now, wait until your next generation gets into a shit hole too.

  11. what about the war NATO afganistan, Libya,Syria has caused all over the world I think it’s also important to discuss about

  12. Too many men, children and women die by the hands of our brethren while outsiders laugh at us and steal from us. We are weak divided

  13. Where did you get this $440 billion GDP for Nigeria? According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the economy is roughly about $250-273 billion. However, with the upcoming rebasing of the economy by year’s end, Nigeria might gain about $50-100 billion according to experts. Even with that, the economy is still below your $400 bn figure. Nobody is arguing with you that Nigeria’s economy started at a low base. We are talking about what is on ground.

  14. Al Jazeera: Do you ever say anything positive about Africa? or You like to twists FACTS and undermine 500  million’s African continental vision. Like it or not, since our first gathering under the OAU in 1963 in Addis Abeba,  under the far sighted and wise great leader Emperor Haile Sellasie of Ethiopia, we have achieved many things that you are oblivious of, including ending both colonization and the evil of Apartheid and strengthening the Pan African Movement. Now, we have a unified peace keeping military force (AU Force which maintains the peace in troubled African states like Somalia) and hopefully soon, AU will have free trade zone and at some point in the future even common currency like the EU  have. As any other global  organization, we have our own shortcomings (we know we need to build true democracy), even the UN and the EU have its own problems and issues to deal with. They are rich and still look the mess they created in Greece, Spain and Portugal and other EU nations. Why not focus for once on your own dysfunctional Arab league which is more a cocktail gathering of useless and ruthless sultans, kings and lifetime dictators than dealing with real substance of any kind? First, clean up the mot that is in your own Arab eyes, before you come to clean up my own African eyes. Long Live the AU and the African people! Thank you.

  15. If you think AU was responsible for ending Apartheid in SA then you need to revisit your history books. AU is full of thugs responsible for murder, theft even genocide in the case of Bashir of Sudan. You know why Africa is poor ? Your answer is very simple every bastard attending this meeting

  16. Theres something wrong with the footage. some parts it looks that flies or insects are landing on peoples faces

  17. It took almost one thousands years for the European nation to be where they are today. European nation have been through, what African nation through today. The genocide in Europe, war among themselves and later come together and become one. The OAU have contribute to the liberation of our continent from European and other western nation colonialism. They dismantle Apartheid in South Africa. It later change to African Union with aim of liberating the continent from Economic and Politically.

  18. You’re an absolute disgrace to Nigeria. How can you sit on your fat bottom denigrating your motherland, like you have another to claim. Nigeria’s GDP is around 440 billion PPP, nominally it’s 270 billion, and the rebasing should add up to 60% to the current figure. Obviously math isn’t your strongest subject.

  19. There’s poverty in any part of the world Europe,America,
    else where The a u is celebrating there 50 years anniversary is even a progress unity is one

  20. The African Union should change the law of illegal immigration, because the Africans in the rest of the world are treated worse than animals. there are too many brothers and sisters of Africa who are dying every day to be able to have a better life. africa lives forever in peace and serenity and love. God bless Africa.

  21. don’t you think I’m telling the truth, if AU was what it stand for in about 50yr they haven’t done anything the Genocide in Rwanda the war in east Congo the war in Nigeria, everything is a game to them because they are just dictators

  22. Comparing apples and oranges. Though "Oil accounts for 14% of Nigeria’s GDP" as you claim, it provides north of 90% of foreign exchange and over 80% of govt. revenue. If that is your idea of a strong economy, then you need to go and take Econ 101. It’s that simple.

  23. Africa has no shortage of resources but, a shortage of wise leaders whom willing to die for their peoples. However, since all the proposal has been created somewhere in west and and pushed up in to their throat, it is quite difficult to move forward. Now all peoples are awake for the facts not a bunch of peoples who fast-forwarded to power by west to manipulate the country’s wealth.

  24. Al Jazeera; pressing for the negative; how predictable and disappointing. The African Union is relevant: and now with Haiti joining the AU; the Pan Afrikanist vision is coming into fruition. Long live Africa! We shall overcome.

  25. White people should stop working against Africa all the time.They stole all the money from Africa and build their country. Arab people came in and also invade the continent. We are tried of white man.

  26. I said it once, n ll say it again. The only solution for Africa total in-dependence freedom fr the wickeds, is a secret organisation, well vetted members n well supported spiritually n financially, who can change n elect governments, n who r ready to destroy, maimed n kills anybody or groups who stands their ways, all for d total freedom for black people globally.

  27. The African Union was created for all the peoples of Africa. we must be united together, without war, respecting all religions and especially helping the poor. I think there should be laws that allow all African power moving in any African state without any problem regarding illegal immigration. if we treat among Africans so, we can not be said to be united.

  28. The white man colonized Africa by rape theft and murder, and got the nerve to talk about democracy and human rights!

  29. Let’s not all forget that those so call African president are Beeing put in to those positions by the superpower western countries
    So my fellow African brothers and sisters let’s forget about this African unity

  30. GDP climbing high means you lost natural land resources for non-refundable in replaceable artificial man made creations! Total fail! I’ll rather live on a trees!

  31. Stop corrupting our leaders! Africans don’t produce weapons and don’t depend on weapon sales for their economy to prosper! ! How come?? Stop the hypocrisy! ! It is time for your governments to remove their hands from the cookie jars…

  32. We don’t care about what other people are saying about our great continent. Our leader her doing their best. Because is not an easy task dealing with western imperialistic philosophy and interest they are going after in our continent. Even AU summit you still see western representative, how many African leader were allowed to attend EU summit none. Those people that are writing negative about AU, leaves us alone and let us leaves, we all human like you people.


  34. Why do you simply claim china? Is because of the fact china is grabbing the natural resource in Africa? Or is it the greedy nature of the western that has thrown us to ocean of social and economic complexities that has resulted following the 18th century?

  35. yes that true but they believe if they take them out then civilians will be armed, when they don’t even protect civilians

  36. we all know that the UN is nothing special but a bunch of thieves and liars let take a look at the Rwandan genocide they did not do their jobs like they promised to separate and protect the nation when they were going to kill each other but instant they watched 800.000 people get slaughtered in a short time

  37. AU is dam useless, look at all these useless leaders in there. Pathetic. the west will never take us seriously unless we take ourselves too. Look at Africa, what’s here for us to take pride in? there are few examples of successful endeavours which are not political, need I point that out. Politics, will not do us any progress. Just look at this an African in Scotland!! Come back to Africa and fix it from here.

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