African Union launches ambitious offer for 'world's largest free trade area' [Business Africa]

AU launches continental free trade zone


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10 Responses

  1. Lol lol African Union. You better call it African division, not union. As long as Africa still have old dictator leaders as 86 year old Paul Biya of Cameroon, who have pledged life time support to their colonial masters in Europe and China, Africa can’t unit.

  2. People should stop immitating the Westerns you will fall. We don’t understand what the bible is saying that is why we are all running to be like America, Europe and China etc these people will eat your money and dump you.
    After you have formed your money they will now sum it up to one currency, like Ghedaffi who suggested that Africa should have one currency, with two central banks, one in the rat’s house the other in the lion’s house, and if Nigeria wants to divide, they are free to do so but the oil remains public, to be taken in charge by the babbon.
    Obtaining PhD, has nothing to do with one working with the Most High. You are drowing nearer to NWO when you enter, you will not go back your country will be swollen like a piece of bread, other countries will neuterised their homes, countries with the main country Africa the, Snail herself.
    There was a time they use to bring up debats and allow ordinary people to say their minds that was when Akunyeli was alive i said many thing that helped. May her soul RIP
    I wish you good luck run fast, grab the money, Americanise yourselves, polute your home. Instead of talking about buildig hospitals for health, Africa is talking about unique currency. I have not seen Westerners come to Africa to treat themselves. Think of your health first.
    In addtion any plans you have, will be a faliure i will have to warn you, no improvement coming from anywhere soon our time have expired

  3. Nigeria leaders have gone to seek advice from their boss in England and they’re expecting a good advice from the colonial masters hell no the slave masters are looking out for themselves . Nigeria leaders are looking for excuses not to join the union’s Uganda is following Nigeria’s foot steps but what they don’t understand is that when a blind man is leading a man they will all fall into a pit. NIgerians need to establish the citizens arrest laws that will enables the citizens to arrest these recycled leaders with dead brains cells they are clueless about things happening around the world but good in accumulating unnecessary title’s to bully their neighbors the younger generation’s of NIgerians should take matters into their hands before it’s too late, for fifty n some plus yrs NIgerians are possessed with white Jesus n Mary the mother which’s nothing but Cesar Borgia image now called Jesus Christ the colonizers left from the front door n came back from the side door how many Ugandans troops are stationed in Germany? How many Nigeria soldiers are stationed in London next to Queen Elizabeth’s palace? How many ABBYSSINIA troops are stationed in Florida? How many S.African troops are stationed in China? But the scaring leaders allowed foreign soldiers to stationed in that continent. African’s are been enslaved by the white Arabs while United nations ,A.U organization are watching the atrocities of these heartless human beings who laugh in ur faces but stabbed u in the back ,these organizations need to be desolved African leaders should exit from United nations they’re nothing but observers n have the right to socialize by shaking hands ,drink coffee and teas, common wealth organization’s who’s common? n whose wealth is on the line? U Africans ,the yearly payments to these organizations should be used in development of the countries or used in awarding schlarships to the unfortunate students, the leaders could have lean a big lesson from their ancestors mistakes the present or past leaders were into bribery and corruption’s by borrowing money from the colonizers playing Golf with the oppressors n turning around to share the illgoted money among themselves n foolishly deposited the fund’s in western countries, S.America( panama papers)Arabian peninsula n China is the new kid on the block, their ancestors were accepting mirrors, guns n hard liquor whiskey to help in kidnapping and selling their own people ,in Nigeria they’re still honoring lekky like a rock star, lekky is a slaves trader who died of malarial n was beurid in lagos Nigeria because his ass could not be shipped back to England now NIgerians have a hole community named after him they have lekky zone and some groups of ladies looking like clowns with blond hairs, India hairs from shrine full of lice, Brazilians hairs from dead people ,followed with skin bleaching not knowing the consequences of the bleaching, Cancer will be the results ,the president of the company’s that product’s those creams will be laughing to the bank while their children, nephews, cousins, aunts, friends will be administrating chemo therapies to u the money are still circulating with in the families ,that’s penny wise n pound foolish wake up stop going around the cycle Hotep.

  4. African Americans should put money into this.

    We always buy traditional African items because we like the thought of re-connecting with our culture.

    The only problem is the things are made in China.. if there was just a trading network in sure it woiuld be healthy

  5. Please stop this nonsense. Nigeria is not a superpower over any African country. They should stay out of the Africa free zone if they wish and Africa will still move forward without them.

  6. Nigeria is a sleeping superpower.We are talking about a population of about 200 million people with vast arable land and huge natural resources. It is like a sub- continent.So its absence will be significant.

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