African Union Head Speech For a One Africa, One Passport and One Economy

#africanspeech #speech Welcome to the Great African Leadership Series where we feature great, inspirational Speeches and quotes from African Leaders.

African Union Head President Kagame has called for closer collaboration between the private sector and African governments to increase economic opportunity and entrepreneurship on the continent.


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50 Responses

  1. ✍🏿 🕵🏾
    Every 54 country in Africa has an embassy in all the 200 countries.
    That is 54 x200= 1400 (African Embassies) just to put that on record…

    All that money 💰desperately needed back home; spent allover yet we could have one ☝🏿Embassy in each to solve the problems!

  2. Reading through some comments I see that a lot of us have become too scientific, too intellectual, we see conspiracy everywhere, too critical ect… & there is nothing wrong with that. However, let’s not forget that in the African continent some of these decisions will benefit, or help improve the lives of people who cannot be here to add comments.

  3. United States of Africa 🙌🏾❤️ .. no need for passport from MALAWI to Zambia or Zambia, I like that.

  4. One African one passports one economy that what we needs we can make Africa great without any help from outside…… United States Africa💪💪💪💪💪

  5. Great to know, I’m very happy for you blacks to have your own power and homeland!, now call your black brothers and sisters in Europe to return to Africa, we don’t want you blacks in Europe! Thank you and I hope with all my heart that Africa can become a super power and thrive!!

  6. A very great panafricanist. my love for him grows every day. you are great. thank you very much PDT Kagame.

  7. The God who been around before time he created the heaven and earth, not the godes of the world or Egypt, nor the foolishness what they gave us across the Caribbean. Some beileveing parying to the dead, but thoes who are dead cannot hear or see nor have any understanding. So when I talk about God Almighty or Jesue Christ I experience them for myself then they gave me power to fight satan. All the godes of Egypt or of the wolrd do not have any power to call back the dead to life only Jesus Christ as that power!!!!! They say in Jamaica that wisdom is in Ganja or marijuana but we sill kill our brothers and sisters. Proverbs 3 V 3 to 7 Let not mercy and thuth forsake thee: bilnd them about they neck; write them upon the table of thine heart:
    So shall thou find favour and good unerstanding in the sight of God and man.
    Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not ubto thine own understanding.
    In all thy ways acknowledged him, and he shall direct thy paths.
    Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the Lord, and depart from evil.

  8. This should happen, but it has to start slow, or the west will have not choice but to block it (behind the scenes); because the largest tech companies and tech manufacturers depend too heavily on the cheap natural resources it buys/takes to produce all the computers, batteries, and screen displays in the world. You think the world outside of Africa will just let you take back control?

  9. In Sha Allah all of you will find me being coooool with that in Sha Allah but but if only my Home Sudan be the capital of all the countries in the continent of Africa and that’s not the first things I want the first thing is to be an Islamic country nor continent why I. Say that or who I am hahaha I am the king of mankind human beings and Jinn and all of them are the creatures and the creation of the Creator and that it is Allah subhana watala if I sound outrageous so crazy delusional that’s your opinion indeed mankind ungrateful to his Lord I love some of you and I wish death for the many of you sincerely King Abdullah.!!!!!!


  11. I dont agree, One Passport one economy? No way.
    [1] Africa Passports will be worse than Nigeria Passport. To apply visa in every country,
    [2] Nigerians and Kenyans will colonize Africa
    [3] Africa development will concentrate in only certain few countries
    [4] There will be estimated 1500-2000 African languages.

  12. Our new and innovative race is now active. "Gold Race", formally known as black people. Control your thoughts. Nothing can be said or done to change what is about to happen. Great vibes family peace.

  13. If we afrikan don’t unite the Enemy is watching and we know how evil her ist and i hope you will unite if we don’t big Hell ist coming if we don’t unite

  14. This man is a closet-covert, sold out globalist elite puppet as, he’s simply promoting Obama’s rhetorical legacy of a United Africa by dressing it up differently!What’s the OAU or UN benefited Africans so far, if not to be taken advantage of by these western nations controlled by the global elites?!
    We’re now witnessing the EU & USA falling apart, with France, Italy, Iceland’, Hungary threatening to leave, not forgetting Britain’s current Brexit from the EU!
    What makes you think a United African state will work in the interest of Africans except a ploy for the imperialist-globalist to keep their failing grips of power & control the planet!
    Its Nationalist vrs Globalist – chose wisely folks!
    Perhaps strictly Africanist, devoid of any globalist-imperialist elites & UN policies along with their bred puppets & cronies interference is key!!

  15. If Africa unite and stop all these foolish wars they will become one of the greatest powerful nation on the planet no nation will be able to compete with it on no level …

  16. How can I as a child of Africa but here in America be a part of the African union where do I go I am an African regardless of being born in the land of my oppressors this is not my fault or my true home so where do I fit

  17. There is no going back on Sowore 2019 because he has proving himself over and over again. He has done over 50 TOWN HALL MEETINGS across the world which no president in Nigeria has never done even in their widest dream.

  18. A borderless African Super State is only a problem for Europeans and the loss of their African interests.

    Africa and her resources are owned by Africans and traded away by feeble and unqualified politicians who make deals that are worthy of infants.

    It is time for the diaspora to join our beloved continent, returning our skills, intellectual capital and resources to build the Pan African Super State that will surpass Israel, the US, Europe and China within a decade.

    Let’s open our borders to Africans and close them to foreigners and thereby guarantee that they pay the correct rate for our resources.

    Our Pan African military must grow at the same rate as our economics and influence as must our intelligence community who must be domestic and international (totally invisible).

    We too must have special forces capable of foreign wet work against those who threaten our sovereign African interests.

  19. One Africa not in the near future with leaders that are ruled with greed and the poeple of Biafra still not having freedon you can forget African poelp still suffering in their countrys of origin just forget you are dreaming

  20. this is good if will achieved and also can help us to avoid from depending the help and loans from out side, not only that even unity among the Africans will strengthen . Thanks president mr president and chair of African union

  21. Great News, Great Idea, but that is NOT what the USA, and EUROPE want to see. If you recall, you knew what happened to Muhhamed Gadaffi, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi(poisoned himto die), Sankara and so on. We should be careful, we need a leader like Paule Kagami alive.

  22. If Blacks in the diaspora will wake up and realize the US has no alligence to them and that they are not viewed as value assets to the country, the Blacks would unite to pool their resources to contribute to the development in Africa.. In order for this to happen, Africa must restructure its countries into states and elect a president of honor and integrity and then form a for "ONE Africa" military to address their internal and external corruption issues to provide peace and security on the continent. Africa can no longer just sit on its hands while outsiders and insiders exploit its country from top to bottom. The whole of African descendents throughout the world needs Africa to stand up and stop being taken advantage of. We, the African descendents throughout the diaspora, will return once Africa truly extents the offer to do so under sustainable conditions. We have the skills, business experience, resources, know-how, and (through pooling of funds) the ability to invest appropriately in Africa.

    I wrote a letter to the UA proposing several ways to build a bridge from Africa to the diaspora to spark the migration of African descendents to the continent of Africa.

    1. Create a African counsel for the return of the diaspora.
    2. Create a easy visa program and issue African passports to Blacks throughout the diaspora. Model Israel’s immigration program established for the Jews in the diaspora.
    3. Bring together participating African countries to pool funds to eliminate or greatly reduce the travel costs to Africa for those in the diaspora seeking to relocate to the continent (to include 1-3 visits plus relocation assistance); provide DNA research assistance to qualify and help the black community to determine which African country their ancestors were from;
    4. Establish a center for African Cultural Orientation which offers classes to orientate new diaspora participants on all things Africa along with business orientation and business partnership matching between local Africans and the participants.
    5. Neighborhood development areas built for the African descendents.

    I realize not all the items above can be done in days but the journey towards this end would reunite the children of Africa with the land of their ancestors- Mother Africa.


  23. Watch out for those American support transporting blood and stuff like that. They could be transporting diseases.

  24. I’m a political Scientist, very analytical and of deep thots and would to say that the philosophy of United Africa and decoding the politics of colonisation IS SPOT ON. Very few African Leader who dared to think differently like Kwame Nkruma, Julius Nyerere Ghadafi etc are destroyed because they are about the true liberation of Africa. I’m a Nigerian living in South Africa and never for once see a different black people, we are thesame and should be living in a better continent if we can see things clearly and fight for one another and not against. We know how Africa was shared by the west according to their economic interest and not for the benefit of our people, Africa was divided so it can be ruled. Checked West Africa and you’ll see clearly how countries were shared. Nigeria (english)and all neighbouring countries made French speaking, and if the country is French speaking then the neighbouring country must be English speaking Just so that we can’t have one language or co-oporate. But it a lot of work to be done as the Africans need to be reorientated to not see ourselves as the enemy and for us not just think about our selfish self and be greedy rather to think of the wellbeing of all regardless of where we come from (brown or peach) black and white does not exist, nobody is black or white, only coined for divide.
    "With the resources Africa has we should not be talking about poverty in Africa" "the land of Africa can feed the whole world but our people are hungry".
    Why is Congo never settled? why is Zimbabwe in permanent recession? why is Nigeria always at war in her oil region, why is Sudan, Rwanda, Libya and many more in unrest? Who owns the South African reserved bank? Who controls the Stock exchange, what about the Africans in diaspora etc how is Haiti suffering in a dangerous land, how did Haitian got there? and many more.
    We need to start thinking right, asking the right questions not to start pointing fingers and fighting but so we can solve true problems for all, Know the genealogy of these things, their bad intentions and deal with them to bring new life to our people.

  25. Wow😮😮😮…. I can’t wait for this to begin also same currency. Believe me China nd some other countries wouldn’t want this to come to reality, they want a situations we would borrowed forever. They only also want Africa to be a slaves forever.

  26. The thing African people have to worry about when it comes to uniting all African countries under one umbrella is that one union requires one head leader over all of the countries. With one head leader it makes it easier for an enemy to threaten and corrupt that head leader, and that leader can lead all of the African countries to their destruction. The enemy can’t corrupt all of the countries at the same time, but once all of the countries have united under one leader, the enemy can easily control the African agenda and their future. Just be very careful with this. ❤

  27. Invite us to come home and embrace us as a great people, we have been beating, disrespected and just want to know there is a road for those that have lived in oppression. We have been on the Jericho mile for so long. We are resilient and now we are working to build our confidence, respect, and our people. Together we stand and divided we fall. Stealing from yourselves, will only bring the pain. Now is the time to bring the joy. The joy lies within us. We are so strong inside. Never have any race have succumbed to what we have been through. We have been deprived of all resources, yet we stand. WE will survive. Peace and Love. The Universe and Nature is our first love and we hold them close. L hear the drums and l hear and feel our ancestors,. The drums are beating and the words are sending out the frequencies and they are calling us from within.

  28. Amen thanks God and keep blessing our leaders to work for United States of afrika and one country one Army make God bless Julius Malema

  29. África, my África. Time has come to wake up, Unity is the way forward, however it cannot be materialised without first getting our second independence, SPIRITUAL independence. Be bold and properly analyse how those Religions we follow today in Africa arrived on the continent and for what purpose. Europe are united, the majority of those countries are Christian countries, Turkey as a Muslim country is finding it hard. Mão Zedong took a bold decision in kicking out Christianity and some other imported Religions, today China is reaping the rewards. Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha etc, were all sent by our creator to bring its creation back to the way their forefathers worshipped GOD. The love of God for its creation is endless, time for Africans to ask themselves questions; why God has not heard our cry, since colonization and slavery to date? The answer is; God the creator loves Africans on equal measure as all other people, the problem is us, Africans, God sent us his mighty saviour Mfumu KIMBANGU Mvuluzi, came, suffered and left this world, however he left good news for you as an African and all blacks, "THE DAY YOU WILL ACKNOWLEDGE ME AND RETURN TO YOUR GOD, YOU BLACKS AND AFRICANS WILL MAKE GREATER THINGS THAT THE WORLD WILL ENVY". Time to wake up Africans, your mighty blessings are waiting for you, abandon those imported Religions, Christianity, Islam etc, come and join your African Religion, it is yours, thus pleasing God the creator and your ancestors who were murdered and taken to slavery by those imported Religions. Ingeta

  30. May God help us and give much wisdom and unity to these leaders. We have been humiliated for long.
    They should also train military because am telling you. Caucasians will never love blacks.

  31. Hello africa union thinks all so about congo 😂😂😂😂if you are africa thank you god blessed you

  32. We want one Africa one luv for all no borders free movement in the content freedom of speech fight corruption Africa must rise ….

  33. I am a Namibian, i read some of the comments. i do not know if SOME OF US have fear or fever, United Africa is a great dream, (Nkwame Nkruma of Ghana). if this giant continent unite so much opportunities will be open for the youth, especially in these sectors technology, army, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, traveling, medicine, and many more.
    do not worry about instability, we will be stable, instability is cause by presidents clinging to power. we will have governors, under one president, with some few political parties, like in India. we will live in peace and harmony, work wherever you got a job, travel by plain, sea or by train.
    to my surprise the languages spoken in central Africa, especially Kenyans, Ugandans and Rwandans sound like i can learn it in a month, i think our fore grand fathers were from there, even the Names. i hope things will happen soon so that we won’t loose icon like we lost Kadafi.

  34. I can’t wait to see our United States Of Africa. I which this is in my lifetime cause our unity is overdue now. What are we waiting for African? Is it because others still grieve for power? We need our United. One day we shall be called the United States Of Africa.

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