African Union congratulates Somalia's new President Farmajo

The African Union has congratulated the new Somali president. The AU says Somalia has made history with its successful vote, and has started on a new path to democracy. CGTN’s Girum Chala reports

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  1. masha Allah our youth leaders our country not evil amison and Kenya and itoobiya and friends we don’t need any more itoobiya friends

  2. Somalia will reclaim its title as the leader of Africa! We will show Africa that we are truly the seat of African pride and prosperity. However we need our African brothers to stop doing the bidding of the White imperialists. This is Somalia’s war not AMISOM’s war, we know our enemies it is matter of time before we can roll our tanks, fly our jets and raise our gallantry battalions of fearless warriors. Who have defeated the Portuguese, Germans, Americans, Soviets, Ethiopians, Kenyans, French, Italians. The list is expected to grow in time.

  3. insha allah the new president will introduce peace harmony and stability with in the country and he will fight the evil corruption in the country to rebuild again somali army forces with in for years to come

  4. African leaders are just no hing they can not lead themselves like our Eritrean president. Till the African peopel not united there will not be change.

  5. Oh no this’s not good enough is enough Al shaabab ,farmaajo ,and AMSO ,most out of Somalia 🇸🇴 we don’t like all of them really we don’t want blood suckers in somalia 🇸🇴

  6. MashaAllaah 👍🇸🇴 Madahweinaha ruhiga Gul Iyo Gobonimo Nabad Iyo Nolol 💙🇸🇴👌🇸🇴☝🇸🇴 Gul Iyo Gobonimo ilahow il cadow Iyo afba kahay chir oo jog kuwi dabadirifki Kenya na Bufi madhweyneyal kushegi nalaharey kanaho nafta waya💙👍🇸🇴😀 hahahaha 👌💙❤🇸🇴

  7. African union and successful vote what a joke AU once elected Idi Amin as a leader…. If you wanna know whats inside an africans head shoot qadaadweyn and look inside ….. there is nothing kkkkkkk

  8. That time somali gets true president we have good luck 🍀👍🏽 Mohamed Abdulaahi farmaajo l hope a peace full insha allaah amiin yaarabi raxman raxiin

  9. GOOD RIDDANCE ETHIOPIA! Congrats to my honourable farmajo! Somalia and Somali all over the WORLD voted for you! Viva and salut farmajo! 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴

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