African Union (AU) headquaters opened

African Union (AU) headquarters opened in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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  1. @ast0nv8 Where have you been living? The AU is a den of dictators and economic thieves who don’t care about their people. AU is the slowest regional organization in solving problems facing it’s people or even in coming up with any innovations that can help Africa. A change of name from OAU has not changed much if you ask me.

  2. @Maweresistance I have living in a cave for the last 100 years. and what makes you think these leaders are there to stay people can be elected by there countries to change africa not themselves.. the AU is for the future not for the present

  3. One thing we must be aware about lets not copy the UN because they are terrible coming to fix things i hope AU will make a greater united africa because we are destined to also show black power on this earth.

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