Abdul Rahman – West African Prince Turned American Slave (1762)

In 1762, Abd al Rahman Ibrahima Ibn Sori was born within a royal family, son of King Sori, in the village of Timbo in what is today known as the Republic of Guinea in the region of Fouta Djallon . Ibrahima was prince of the Futa jallon, and was sold into the western slave trades.

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  1. Thanks for the info. It was very educational. I found out about him in an ACT prep passage, although I feel when I was younger, I’ve heard about him. This time around, I’m am captivated by the story.

  2. I enjoyed your story very interesting I love learning all kinds of history! I’m taking History 3389 Africa in college this semester and I’m white! Lol peace out bro!

  3. I watched a documentary on him in my Quran school. I was the only one who wanted to watch  it, everyone else wanted to play  outside. in the end of the documentary  there was a family reunion for the decesendants of Abdul Rahman

  4. Thank you for sharing as usual and its very important to learn more and more of my people especially being a young afrikan male in this day and age with racial tensions being high right now and the fact that we’re miseducated about our history and culture

  5. Hello I just found out I am descendant of this guy. My family is also listed in the credits at the end of the movie.. I would love to have more information.

  6. Wow very interesting, it’s a shame he doesn’t get the credit he deserves today, i didn’t know about Abdul Rahman until now

  7. I just found out last night I am a direct descendent of this. My family are those ones speaking at the end of the movie. I never knew of this man at all. So this is my great great grandfather.

  8. I have no doubt in my mind that what happened to African people brought for slavery was a crime against humanity equal to genocide and ethnic cleansing!
    May God bless their souls and grant them space in the heavens!

  9. Abdul Rahman Ibrahima was my 7th great grandfather. I am located in Natchez, Mississippi where he was enslaved for 40 years.

  10. Hey #AfricaNetwork you should also check an other aristocrat Fulani from Senegal who was sold as slave in Maryland but freed later on. he is called "the fortunate slave" and his name is Ayuba Suleimane Diallo known also as Job Ben Solomon.
    keep up with the good work.
    peace n love!

  11. I am proud of abdrahman …thank u too to heard a such interesting stories…
    He is a legend for African

  12. Amazing story that is well worth learning about. I suggest that this biography be written into a pdf booklet for easier distribution.

  13. I’m from Morroco. Many Africans are Muslims only because this Caliphate conquered and enslaved them long before the Atlantic ever started. Islam is not at all Black Africans religion it’s the one that enslaved them for much longer and sontheir decendants are Islamic the same as many in your Americas are Christian for the same reasons. As far as conquest and enslavement of Spain and much of the Mediterranean by this Caliphate, Yes many Black Africans were a part of this attrocities across the region and enslavement of many of Mediterranean and Iberian Peninsula but they Black Africans were forced into this behavior first by their Islamic rulers. But reality is that yes the ones u would call Black Africans actually enslaved Millions of Europeans first but I’m sure they do not teach of this in America’s although over here along the Barbary coast it is common knowledge. Masha’Allah

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