A war over land and identity in South Africa: Part 1

A government proposal sparks racial tensions between white and black South Africans, suggesting the government should seize land from white owners, without payment.

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  1. White hysteria. Racism runs deep in white people. All thee white people didn’t give two shits when it was black people oppressed and discriminated against under apartheid. Now tables are turns and they’re upset?

  2. why do white people take they demonic asses around the world, and caused war and devastation with other races of people y’all need to let sleeping dragons lie white man are you’re going two get THE WAR you’re looking for and i bet you bitch, YOU BETTER take your dog ass back two Manchester England THAT’S RIGHT YOU’RE NOT ORIGINALLY FROM THERE EITHER WELL TAKE YOUR ASSES BACK 2 WHICH MOUNTAIN CAVE BEAST MOTHERFUCKERS 100…:333:..THE TRUTH TELLER.A.K.A.81 THE GOLDEN PHOENIX}{:

  3. Why do white people get so upset when they get treated the way they’ve treated other races?

  4. The problem that historically occurs is that indigenous people had the land, but did nothing with it. Then a group colonized and improved the infrastructure, then ancestors of the original indigenous people want it back. It happened in Gaza, etc…
    The laws of not allowing blacks to have land ownership were absolutely horrible, but the people alive today had nothing to do with the atrocities. Doing to the current owners, what ancestors of the past did, will ultimately result in this for eternity. They need to compromise in order to find peaceful resolution. There must be a way. This will stop the madness.

  5. Get the fuck Out of here. Claiming to be Scared.How do you think you got on the land

  6. As long as there are white people in Africa, there’s at least hope for improvement. Black Africans aren’t capable of anything.

  7. What an absolute nightmare the European ancestors have created for this planet.
    GREED is what brought us to this point and now everyone has to suffer for it.

  8. The end result of colonialism. Thieves boo hooing and wanting sympathy for taking something that never belonged to u to begin with.

  9. You can just taste the Irony! Americans Condemning white South Africans when THEY DID THE SAME TO NATIVE INDIANS!!!!

  10. Amazing the angst shown when the tables are turned. History shows clearly that "white people" are takers. They are not happy now that things are being taken from them. Sadly, "people who are white" will get caught up in all of this. [Yes, there is a difference.] The way I see it, there was no real effort made to make amends for the injustices of the past. So now, they will have to suffer for their indifference and their unconcern when the shoe was on the other foot. How will all of this be fixed? The "takers" will have to learn how to give. But, we all already know that for those who feel so "entitled", that’s #HighlyUnlikely SMHH

  11. .Whats going to happen when they take that farmland and give it too people who cant farm ?I know all you cultural marxist believe in equality of outcome thats why tens of millions starved to death last century and tens of millions will starve this century you keep sticking your hand in the fire thinking it wont burn this time. History shows You take the farmland from the farmers and give it too people who cant farm people eat mud my guess is all these colored folk screaming for land are going to wind up eating mud.That country is a powder keg and everyday it grows closer to exploding all you dumb people below who say the white people suck and need to go are literally calling for death of millions by starvation smh buncha dumb azzes.

  12. Out of all of the countries where there are so many newsworthy stories, the one country that ever makes the news is South Africa or Nigeria, and the only people it talks about mainly in South Africa are the white people… I’m not trying to diminish what is going on in South Africa, but if you want to make stories about Africa, try to talk about what happens in more than the mainstream countries, and talk about more than the things that effect white people the most as there is a lot to talk about concerning everyone else.

  13. Let me get this right. You’re mad someone is trying to steal the land you stole from someone else..

  14. You come on my land steal my car by violence then pass it on to your children then ask my children to pay to get the stolen car back even tho the courts and government decided it’s stolen. Seems to me the European want the African to pay for European sins while they reap the reward.

  15. It is very simple. The racist white South Africans NEED to go or stay in someplace isolated. I do not feel sorry when you kill, steal and destroy and then oppressed the majority crap like this may happen. If that white South African actually did pay for the farm she needs to be compensated but she brought stolen land.


  17. There is hate for what was done and how you got there not your race? It would be the same no matter what the colour of the invading party was.

  18. My question is when the farmers land has been taken and they take/sell all the land and the stuff used to build houses, equipment , animals etc you are left with an empty piece of land which you need money to work, Where is the money going to come from?

  19. A foreign news channel picked this up? Im shook. I hope all the murdered farm owners get justice. People seem to forget the amount of jobs made through white owned south African farms

  20. So, when white people were stealing this land, they couldn’t document it….. But now the owners want their land back and its crocodile tears on camera??? Give over!!!

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