30th AU Summit Ends In Adisa Ababa, Ethiopia Pt.1 |News@10| 29/01/18

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  1. This brother seems way too pessimistic. You have to say it’ll be hard but it’s not impossible. We just need to somehow make the regional groupings work, and then move to the whole continent. The free movement of people across the continent will not only be beneficial to trading of physical products, but also of services. It will tremendously boost the tourism industry across Africa , which will benefit many countries, especially once the roads and rail networks are improved. For instance, many Africans from around the continent would want to visit Zambia and Zimbabwe to see the Victoria Falls, but are discouraged because of the prohibitive cost involved, say for someone to move from Mali to Zambia or Zimbabwe. Currently, traveling from Mali to Zambia by road is unimaginable as you have to pass through several countries, some of which would require Visas. Same thing with someone in Zimbabwe wanting to visit the Pyramids in Egypt. Currently, the only way to do that is to fly there. So tourism in Africa today is mainly restricted to people who can afford a plane ticket, or have personal jets. The USA had the same problems of travel prior to the construction of the Highway system in the 1920s. It was hard for people to move from one state to another, because of poor road networks. But once the government invested heavily in the construction of interstate Highways, everything changed and boosted the American economy in unimaginable ways. The same thing can happen to Africa, if we can come up with Highway systems that connect the countries together. Same thing with railroads. This will make travel faster, affordable and more efficient and will give birth to millions of jobs and businesses across the continent. Because as more and more people travel, either by bus or by train, or can drive self, there’ll be need for more gas stations, restaurants, hotels and motels, to cater to the travelers. There will also be a high demand for vehicles, and the rise of cross country bikers. Also the number of truckers hauling goods day and night will increase exponentially. Maybe this is just another pipe dream for now, but I think it can happen.

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