2 Canadian women rescued in Ghana

Two Canadian women who were abducted earlier this month in Ghana have been rescued, and their names have been released. Lauren Tilley and Bailey Chitty are safe, and getting emotional and psychological support from professionals.

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50 Responses

  1. nationmaster ghana compared to the usa. murder rate per million ppl 4 x usa. ghana is on par with most africa.

  2. I am a little worried about these two young lass .
    They have been kidnapped for over a week yet there was no request for ransom and doesn’t seem to be any reason for the kidnapping
    What possible reason could explain why these African men wanted these two young,blond ,blue eyed , attractive white girls ?
    Hope nothing bad happened to them .

  3. It’s painful to read again about naive Canadians getting into trouble in West Africa. For those do gooders who think that volunteer work in Africa is going to make a difference just remember that the general population and criminals just see them as a currency. No one is safe in those parts. They are fortunate to make it out alive.

  4. All this polarization leads one to ask a fundamental question.Why do you have police in the very country you came from?

  5. The amount of ignorance I see in these comments is letting me down. Ghanaians are great people but like any city there’s going to be something horrible. This doesn’t reflect Ghanaian people at all, it’s just people. I can tell you as a person who’s been assaulted in Ghana, five people came out of nowhere and held him down and I got my backpack back. So glad my Ghanaian brethren actually stopped the guy instead of pulling out their phones. Ghanaians grow up in loving families that support communities, people know each other. I don’t think there has ever been a Ghanaian I’ve met who didn’t know his neighbor, what he does, and how many kids they have. Sure, they still commonly use canes and belts to discipline people but that’s the way it is when police are not just minutes away but hours. I walk into a classroom and everyone sits down and doesn’t speak unless spoken too, after school the kids go hand wash their laundry and go to farm for the evening. Kids as young as eight will start planting seeds, cooking food, and hunting. Ghanaians are hard working people and 90% of the people making these comments have never done one honest Ghanaians day of work. Of course, much of this I only speak for the communities I’ve visited. Point is, Ghanaians are wonderful people and if you’ve ever been a weird atheist Metal-head white dude praying with Muslim farmers and drinking tea in a sub Saharan village, you’d know. This incident has nothing to do with a volunteers work nor does it reflect attitudes of the people they work with. It’s simply some people doing some wicked things out of desperation, same as any other desperate person willing to hurt another human being.

  6. NGO is under US States Department .Where Canadian Micheal Kovrig was worked for before he was caught spying in China………Naive and ignorant would end up in tragedy !

  7. Womanhood really begins at 18-21 years of age, they are still puppies by heart not trained as a few years of time in western women dynamics, nevertheless I pray they will be fine in their growth of the journey.

  8. Ghana is a very safe country this kidnapping were done by illegal nigerians living in Ghana
    the Ghana govenrment is taking steps to deport them all.

  9. Human trafficking in Africa? Trdurau foundation? Red cross and" humanitarian aid " child trafficking rings. Big business. They steal little Africa babies.

  10. The third world isn’t a place for unprotected women. Please get that through your brains

  11. This was done by some notorious Nigerians in ghana I have been in both countries and I will tell u any day that ghana is one of the most peaceful country’s in Africa with low crime rates my advice to the Ghanaian gov is that they should enforce a law to restrict the notorious Nigerians leaving in Ghana Because in years to come the Nigerians will influence the Ghanaian youth and this won’t be controllable anymore. We still have Good Nigerians too and this bad once will always put them in trouble

  12. Opposition NDC is behind it all. They hate to see the progress and development of Ghana. If Ghana is developed they will not get criminals to work for them. They are determined to make the government of the day unpopular. Because they hate to see the people progress. But they will not succeed. Ghanaians massively are in support of the government’s determination to educate every child, and to move this country forward. Programs that the government has in place is amazing and every sector of the economy is doing well. Opposition NDC is using Nigerian criminals to create insecurity for their selfish interest. We urge the world to stay calm and believe in the Presidency of Nana Addo Danquah and his team of economic experts to deliver a good job. Ghana continues to be the most peacefull country on Earth. We are a bunch of happy people.

  13. Super happy the girls are ok now but why were they kidnapped? Money was not asked for so there’s not a lot of other reasons

  14. Most kidnapping cases in Ghana definitely has a Nigerian suspect involved. There are destroying our youth in many ways like prostitution, cyber crime ,armed robbery and kidnapping.

  15. I bet these cutesie light haired white girls got boom-boomed a lot in captivity. What’s with Canadian girls "volunteering" in wild Africa anyways?

  16. Many NGO’s are fronts for intelligence agencies. Not saying Youth Challenge International is one. Most of the volunteers in compromised NGO’s have no idea though. Young people should be aware that NGO workers are often viewed with suspicion in some countries. I would never let my daughters travel alone to Africa as NGO volunteers … They’d actually be safer as tourist

  17. The tax funded CBC has comments open . It must not be a Justen Trudeau story, you remember him our transparent leader the cbc works for.

  18. More serious and deadly crimes occur in any part of the world. Even in well rich resourced so called developed countries. They have worse crime statistics than Ghana. Give Ghana a break. The good news is that government security apparatus with their scanty resource has rescued the girls unharmed. That’s kudos to Ghana. Let’s acknowledge that.

  19. I’m pretty knowledgeable about mission groups and this sounds suspicious. Either these white women work for a secret government organization or they’re having relationships with these men. Most foreign kidnappers would have killed or demanded a ransom. This is all a lie

  20. and there a Bones the Restaurant was so Clean you could eat off the floors if you know what i mean

  21. Ghana is a safe place but please don’t be naive, if you are coming here as a volunteer then get a guide or a contact in Ghana that can help you get around safely. Uber is very iffy in this country we take what you would call a bus it’s a lot safer.

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