🛑Ghana ls Very Very SAVE🛑0fosu Ampofo & Mahama Just Making Ghana Un-GovernabIe..Padmore Agyapong🛑

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10 Responses

  1. Devil ndc will always mis-quote whatever Npp people will say.While devil ndc was talking always baloney as they were in power but Npp didn’t mis-quoted the devil ndc.
    Ghanaians are sick and tired to devil ndc with their 27years rule without any improvement in the ordinary people’s life on social invention

  2. NDC party is Ghana problem they’re trying to destroy Ghana very wicked and evil party. Ghanaians don’t need NDC party anymore in Ghana they’re terrorist organizations. Brother you said it all right good talk open Ghanaians eyes Nana Addo is the best President ever may Almaty God bless him. NPP Government have to send all Nigeria people back to their country as soon as possible. Ghanaians please don’t love money but love your country.

  3. Ndc from head to toe they don’t have respect what so ever they were born with it nothing can change them until they fave the quencequence they are evils and lieyers No matter what criticized they will criticize Nana Addo Dankwaa Akufo the NATION PRESIDENT THE BATTLE IS THE LORD. Nobody can change except THE LORD

  4. Hi! Please you radio presenters & the politicians are all a waste to the poor innocent citizens in Ghana for deceiving & misleading them on your platforms just because most of the people are ignorant , instead of you to be using your platforms to be educating the ignorant people who don’t know why they even go to vote for the parties & the politicians you don’t do that rather you come to talk nonsense to deceive the poor citizens because of your selfish interest from the politicians , please show the people what is going on in Hong kong for some days now because of politicians or what is going on in Sudan for some months now because of some selfish interest politicians & their followers , because most people in Ghana don’t see many of what is going on else where because most of you are paid to hide them so that they can keep on using most of you guys to be deceiving & fooling them always & that is why if Ghanaian’s are not careful Ghana will one day turn out to be like Rwanda , Sudan , Hong Kong because of somebody’s stupid selfish interest .

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