🔥Real reason why Asamoah Gyan still wanted to leave Blackstars -Brother & Spokesperson reveals

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  1. These nation is in trouble these prophet who the late president Atta Mils went to and he is the only President who died in power a prophet who’s hotels collapsed and killed hundreds people for his demonic fame, the same prophet who prophesied Hillery Cr. Winning over president Trump and it did not come to pass is up again for confusion these Nigeria prophet God’s judgment is coming Ghana repent Jesus is coming

  2. It shouldn’t happened this way because captains came and left. This should be resolved so that, this will not be another curse of captaincy during the tournament. I think they should talk to him so that if anyone says something wrong, there will be forgiveness.

  3. Eiiiiii. TB Joshua will not play the game for you guys, you must be united in love, serve the fathers of Ghana football rightly and with one mind you shall reach the cup.

  4. Please Asamoah Gyan, remain on your point never to return back because Kwesi Appiah is incompetent to decide what to do on the field of play. Ghanaians thank you for your commitment and zeal to play for mother Ghana.

  5. Gyimii nti, Ghana will always move backwards with all these false nkwasiafuo leaders and prophets.

  6. Nonsense, how can a captain band be handed to his deputy when he Asamoah Gyan has not retired from football. Since he is the captain of the stars so shall it be whether he plays well or not he is the captain and must be respected as such. Dede is a small boy let him wait his time will come. I support A Gyan 💯

  7. Aahhh Kwesi Appiah too why? This pastors are taking control over the country ampa, Supa China 🇨🇳

  8. Ghanaians are known to be humble when they are in need but when they reach that height even by the help of others, they are not able to humble themselves anymore. Even Jesus who was the King of the Jews became a slave for our salvation.

  9. Asamoah problem is his management. There was no need for him to come out to announce his retirement after conversation with the Coach. He need to be careful with his management

  10. Asamoah Gyan u have made a good decision. I remember someone said he will buy schnapps & curse Asamoah Gyan why?? What did he do for that????

  11. Which Trophy are you people’s talking about, we don’t have good players with good performance, forget about the pastors, they are lottery stickers, since 1982 what Trophy did Ghana black stars have brought to Ghana, our players don’t have good performance, Ghana needs new players,

  12. Asomoah pls am begging u, pls try your best n go back to help black star pls , am Cecelia Gyan , ones a teacher under your last mom, I know u very well n personally pls my brother

  13. This is very simple bcos is the same coach who gave him the captaincy when he wasn’t deserve it bcos there were great players by then nd Gyan isn’t a great player but he gave it to him nd now he decide to give another person what is the problem the same thing happened 2010 in Cameroon Song was captain but coach decided to give it to eto’o nd the guy didn’t worried bcos he was thinking about the team and not captaincy in 2006 also Ivory coast the same thing so is part of the job

  14. Ghana? Hmmmmm, I wonder when we will start to encourage people rather than pulling them down and making them feel like they worth nothing.

  15. Appiah what you said is totally wrong. Gyan is right. Ghanaians are so mean to him. He has done a lot for Ghana but people has refused to respect that. Shame on you Mr Appiah

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  17. Ghana? Hmmmmm, I wonder when we will start to encourage people rather than pulling them down and making them feel like they worth nothing.

  18. The same thing that happened in 19 92 is the same Abedi family and Akwasi Appiah

  19. Eiii they believe this so call pastors let us pray because is not easy in Egypt oo only GOD knows who is going to collect the cup

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