🌍 Can the African Union solve the continent's refugee crisis? l Inside Story

The African Union was created to harness a sense of unity and tackle common problems.
But it’s faced criticism that it doesn’t do enough to protect its citizens from conflict and corruption.
The A-U has declared 2019, the year of ‘Refugees, Returnees and Internally Displaced Persons’, with the goal of finding what it calls ‘durable’ solutions to the vast problem.
Leaders from 55 countries across the continent are in the Ethiopian capital for their annual summit.
Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah El Sisi has taken over the AU as Chairman.
But Amnesty International warns his tenure could undermine the AU’s commitments to protecting human rights.

So, what are the challenges facing the African Union?

Presenter: Elizabeth Puranam


Achieng Akena – Executive Director of the Pan African Citizens Network.

Sanusha Naidu – Researcher at the Institute for Global Dialogue, a South African Think Tank.

Michael Amoah – Visiting Fellow at the Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa, at the London School of Economics.

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50 Responses

  1. Africa could make an aequeduct like China from the Kongo through Sahara to the Mederranian Sea to make the Sahel-Zone fertil.
    And instead of refugees the Africanian Union could send the best to Europe to study there geology, agricaltural engineering and political science. That would be much better, because ethics are not cybernetizable. And we could deliver correspondance courses at our consulates and embassies under control of native officials.

  2. African Union can’t
    Solve anything for the
    Suffering people
    It is encouraging
    Dictators traitors & corrupted leaders of Africa. I-9
    They need to change their
    Directions from what they have now

  3. I live in Germany. Compared to muslim refugees, african black refugees adapt easily and they don´t go to grab a woman. They just want to work and support their famlies back home.

  4. Africans leaders are stupid … probably africans are stupid also … food growing in trees… we are 2019 ! Citiess are growing bigger and bigger, Stop hunting and gattering work your lands africans, europeans are so advance and not because of of ipad ! Africans have internet just to lesen music not to learn ….jamaica also

  5. you got to be kidding to me ? really African Union ? we don’t have common interest like others do, no common passport, no common currency, what the heck they’re talking about , this doesn’t make sense to me

  6. This refugees are their becoz Eruopeans come here to divide people,steal mineral in the name of UN….they are not helping anyone here they are stealing minerals

  7. There is nothing considered me about illiterate people Africa good or is not good there is nothing considered about that if my father compound is ok glory be to God show I don’t won’t program of nation in my profile and you tube I don’t won’t to eat mor poison because my blood as polluted of poison for Africa people

  8. keep Europe and Americans out of Africa. .they want two things, the life of the people and the wealth of the country. why are there European military bases on the continent?

  9. Dont worry, African Leaders are selling land to China now soo…..its going to be Chinafrica soon. All the rich Africans will move to Europe and America, the poor will be left to become slaves for their Chinese lords

  10. African union cannot solve any problems unless it liberates from Western neocolony and start to build confidence on its own if not most African leaders driven by some western influence (bad) they have to throw out all western heritage and start their own

  11. Thank you AJ for bringing this, but most African leaders are criminal, and they stay in office more than the people want them to stay. So how those people can solve African problem when they putting intelligent people in prison, you can take Eritrea and Egypt for Example and other African leaders. The African people don’t except any new thing from AU leaders, instead of struggle, starvation and death.

  12. AU has no capacity because it has no leaders because most of these leaders are not real leaders in their countries

  13. إنتو مشكلتكم شنو مع خريطة السودان … حلايب سودانية سودانية سودانية سودانية سودانية

  14. Most of these leaders haven’t even paid a physical visit to the camps, so what are they actually discussing.

  15. I’m a Sudanese refugee in Tchad since 2004 so I literally have no idea about what they are trying to do , but in a summit where there are dictators there will be nothing else than human blood continuation thus they LOOK A LIKE absolutely no difference , MOST OF THEM . Money dogs !

  16. My people are cursed where ever u find resources u find the devil’s hand africa Iraq and Afghanistan Syria and Iran is next they should strike first

  17. U know I think migration come from the fact that it’s hot and if u know every body u gona migrate until ur out of the territory where people understand you like if u from the Congo and u going to Libya or Morocco for a issue in Nigeria u a migrant

  18. African countries need to tear apart the constitutions that were in large part written by Europeans or european sympathizers prior to these countries Independence. Also, I would like to add that in many of these constitutions there are clauses that do not allow the populace to be armed, there are also Provisions that allow for foreign corporations to dictate the rates of various Commodities, precious metals and so on.

    This ensures a Perpetual state of enslavement for the African continent and literally leave Africa at the at-will mercy of anyone that would want to come in and take over. So we can argue about symptoms and minor issues like poverty, conflicts, things of that nature but what is the root? I just told you..

    Please take time to do due diligence and research. You’re welcome to message me or ask questions and I can share insights with you.

  19. Best joke I have read this year.
    How can we expect anything from these coonish people. Uncle Toms selling out their people for peanuts cannot think far enough to care about the less fortunate

  20. No. Nobody can solve it. Most of Africa will be uninhabitable by the end of the century.

  21. What a joke, the entire ‘ African ‘ continent is TEMPORARILY under the control of ‘ white ‘ Europeans.

  22. I don’t really get it,what infantino and Bill Gate is doing in the Africa Union summit. I don’t really think this leaders are ready for change, they are just bunch of thief’s.

  23. It must. Its our only hope. We have to solve our own problems. Collective security. RASTAFARI!!!

  24. What is a refugee in the first place? What causes someone to become a refugee? Foreign Perception & Deception?

  25. The AU needs to take lessons from the EU. Imagine how powerful Africa could be if they realized organized united democratic power. The AU could be a superpower if it rectified corruption & conflict, stopped taking money from Europe, Asia & America, and realized a continental sovereignty, free from foreign investment & influence.

  26. Because I was talking to my Cousin from Morocco and he wanted to come to the USA but I found him a school in South Africa but guess what he only speaks Arabic so he doesn’t want to leave Morocco or go to the Middle East because he only speaks Arabic and English and all of Morocco don’t migrate because they only speak Arabic so we need more universities in Sudan that’s Arab so people can travel because I only can go to Nigeria or Morocco or Egypt or Ethiopia

  27. 46% of the AU budget is from member countries while 54% from development partners? About $273m is towards peacekeeping so whose agenda is this refugee programme?
    On Egypt mship very questionable especially being allied to israe. AU should have skipped it the points warranted itl

  28. To avoid future migrant refugees best thing for AU and UN Aids is to supply lots and lots of condom

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