πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ Will South Africans vote for ANC? | Inside Story

Party leaders have rallied their supporters and made their final speeches. But a quarter of a century since the first democratic elections, promises haven’t changed much.
Neither have the problems for everyday South Africans.
Thousands gathered in their party colours to choose who they think will resolve their main concerns – inequality, unemployment and corruption.
While for others, access to basic services like electricity and sanitation will determine who they’ll choose.
The African National Congress has led the country since the end of apartheid, but is accused of not doing enough.
It faces a major challenge from the Democratic Alliance and Economic Freedom Fighters Party.
But President Ramaphosa believes he’s done enough to convince South Africans to return him to power.
So, can the ANC still appeal to voters?

Presenter: Imran Khan

Grant Masterson, head of programme for Political Institutions and Processes at the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy, EISA.
Sanusha Naidu, researcher at the Institute for Global Dialogue
Joseph Ochieno, political commentator on African politics.

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50 Responses

  1. DEMONcracy has never worked for spiritual Black people. Those accused of corruption, it’s not a surprise. Corruption and DEMONcracy go together!
    Look at most so called Democratic black countries! SMH

  2. U western lizards will not throw the election with your open ending questions. The people of SA want one man case closed

  3. Looks like people dont care about corruption and the destruction of their country looking at the results so far.

  4. Politicians are not qualified individuals, they rule by the popularity of votes, mostly by an electorate no different from their leaders, clueless. it is time to remove politicians and replace them with intelligent experienced businessmen with a sturdy moral compass.

  5. The FF Plus aspires to a political system based on Christian values that is characterised by the principles of justice, truth, love of one’s neighbour, respect for life, loyalty and a peaceful co-existence.This was the party for South Africans across the political spectrum to vote for as this message suggest that it was going to end the current violent culture,racial,religious,ethnic or otherwise conflicts but it meant nothing to South Africans as they were obsessed and clouded by their fascism and racism!Now,they will continue to live with this crime and violence that is uncontrolled for the next five years unless the courts agree to a rerun!These elections were doomed to failure right from the outset as the iec failed to change the voting system from proportional to mixed as a recent court judgement ruled that under proportional these elections will be unconstitutional…failed to fight rigging and protect citizens during the electioneering period from intimidators who seek to establish secure voter-bases!Election-rigging like the Kings ordering ramaphosa to release dalindyebo or they will tell their subjects not to vote for the anc is electoral fraud!

  6. Cyril Ramaphosa is the most capable South African to lead the country. I’m sad to say that my country is full of complainers. The fact is that on the ground, none of the oppositions have the commitment, human capital and credibility to lead. Corruption will emerge more strongly in the hands of the opposition, since it is a South African phenomenon not an ANC one. The ANC although strapped with internal hindrances, are the only party with the qualifications and experience needed. Bear in mind that they have been responsible for transforming the F*CK out of our middle class it’s readily observable.

  7. ANC Since you started giving promises of growth To South African nothing never grows lies, if I was your citizens I couldn’t give you another chance.

  8. Take a look at ingnorace . They all look poor and in need of social development yet vote for the same party. It must be Stockholm syndrome

  9. Mandela’s victory in 1994 was played and planned, and he sold out imangine how overcrowded and in squatter camps majority and minority was given big land people are suffering in South Africa

  10. Don’t matter if it’s ANC, DA, BLF or EFF. The Rainbow Nation officially ends this day to become the Black Nationalist Nation ONLY FOR Bantus, Zulus and Xhosas. Other people will Not be considered. This is how Land Appropriation Without Compensation will be implemented and the ANC government past injustice will be destroyed by year’s end.

  11. The real question is what are the ANC doing with the 70% of land they already control? see if anyone can answer this question?

  12. Too much illegal immigration/these people work and do not pay taxes to the South African govt. SO where is the Money going to come from for the basic needs of South Africans/THAT is the place to start/Do not worry about taking land back from people who are keeping the economy going/Don’t cut off your Nose to spite your Face!!!!

  13. I don’t except these results at all, they the ANC and EFF have been cheating from start to end, and the this idiotic world will except the results.

  14. the best way around this situation is for all the opposition parties to first come together, overthrow the anc and then try their possible best to dismantle the party, then they can go back to their various individual parties. splitting votes when you have to oust a ruling corrupt party like almighty anc is irrational

  15. where eff someone said malema my future president, malema cic, malema what what u have to wait another five years to again ur bad luck

  16. Corruption around the Globe; it would seem no country is exempt! All I can say is "KNOWLEDGE IS FREEDOM" I pray the people will choose wisely! Political groups will promise you anything and everything; like all People, you need leaders who will fulfill their promises: Accountability and Responsibility is KEY!

  17. black South Africas are very useless look at sandton for white elix. black of sa love poverty and those useless shark in honeydew

  18. Eff is an extension of the anc… Both parties stole the people’s money. Every government department is bankrupt. People are battling to pay tax, electricity water food fuel, medical bills. Most people are losing their homes because they cant afford it. Hyperinflation is coming fast, if we don’t change and turn away from governments that steal our taxes. Social grants will came to an end, public hospitals will close when we cant pay doctors and nurses. Save south Africa from a mess and vote wisely. We need change. It is difficult to change because of lack of trust and how politicians lie to the people and mislead people. But ask God to help you make a good choice. May God bless south Africa.

  19. A big congratulations to south Africa.πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    In Nigeria AAC we Take It Back in 2023
    Mr Sowore AAC Take It Back for good Nigeria

  20. "Will South Africans vote for ANC? "
    This has become a rhetorical question. Opposition parties need to work ten times more to overturn the ruling party in SA.

  21. Which country do these people live in? I can’t believe they believe their own rhetoric. How do you even speak of democracy when ONE party has ruled for 25 years?

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