🇸🇩 Sudan: Security forces crack down on surging anti-Bashir protests | Al Jazeera English

In the latest crackdown against protests in Sudan, security services loyal to President Omar al-Bashir have killed at least 14 anti-government protesters taking part in a mass sit-in outside the army headquarters in the capital, Khartoum, according to activists behind the demonstration.
Tuesday’s deaths brought the total number of people killed during the protests since it started on Saturday to 22, including five soldiers who died while defending the protesters, the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors (CCSD), said in a statement.
The CCSD, which is affiliated with the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA), the umbrella group at the forefront of the demonstrations, said 153 others were wounded. It said it expects the death toll to increase as some injuries were critical.
The sit-in outside the complex, which also houses Bashir’s official residence, is the latest in a succession of anti-government demonstrations which have plunged Sudan into a major political crisis.
Al Jazeera’s Raheela Mahomed reports.

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31 Responses

  1. What these dictators and puppets don’t understand is that the more u push human spirit the more they rise , human spirit can never be suppressed with force

  2. From a concerned Somali to my Sudanese people. No good comes from the people fighting your government stay united, get educated, help yourselves individually. Bashir is old and won’t lead much longer, bide your time and don’t make the same mistakes as my country. Just look at Somalia civil war too see the future because this is eerily similar to what caused the civil war to your Muslim brothers in Somalia.

  3. go SUDAN go
    Stand up (kıyam) and walk !!
    Good luck from istanbul – turkey
    Sudan peoples are walking for freedom and for bread !!

  4. _Sudanese Opposition is secular and actually the Islamist here is Bashir,so that’s really good._

  5. You people could change the regime but please never trust US terrorists! Don’t do the same mistake of Libya!
    Please people don’t make catastrophic problems anymore!

  6. It was coming. President Omar al Bashir is corrupt but still refused to be a Zionist puppet like Sultan Qaboos and Idriss Deby.

  7. Democracy is not good for these people , isis is just waiting an apportunity to take over the country

  8. i don’t support America and Israel and there alliance but l have to admit basar al asad is illegal

  9. If not all but mist of the Muslim leaders and anyone connected with Zionist western world should and must go.

  10. The problem is not Al Bashir per se though the dude has overstayed in power. Problem is Sudan economy is collapsing following seccesion of south sudan, the northerners lived on south oil, now let them face reality, even if bashir goes, the economic problems will persists.

  11. Not good action , emergency 🚑 is nothing except destruction, change of government was the solution not dictatorship

  12. Subhanallah May Allah bring peace and stability in Sudan, I don’t want to see another African country in chaos😢

  13. Welcome Sudan tomte Club, now you will be.for sure on the bath of regime change and disaster following! ….

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