🇨🇩 DR Congo army launches offensive against ADF rebels

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s military has launched an operation against a Ugandan rebel group who call themselves, “The Allied Democratic Forces”, commonly known as the ADF. The ADF is suspected of killing 15 Tanzanian UN peacekeepers in December.

Troops are targeting members of the ADF near the town of Beni, in Congo’s North Kivu province.

Al Jazeera’s Charlotte Bellis reports.

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17 Responses

  1. I met someone from DRC, and he told me the DRC soldiers don’t get paid all the time. Only occasionally receive some money. And most only serve in the DRC Army for free housing, healthcare, and 3 square meals a day. But hey, speaking on a global comparison of military force, the DRC Armed Forces are actually pretty descent. They have 134,000 soldiers in their Army (100,000 soldiers is a measurement unit considered an Army Corps) making DRC’s army a recognized land force unlike other armies with less than 100,000 men. And on top of that, they have 175 tanks, 100 armored fighting vehicles, 57 rocket projectors, 120 towed artillery, and 16 self propelled artillery. Their navy and air force are lacking, but their land forces are strong.

  2. If 9/11 was categorically, UNDENIABLY, a 110% INSIDE JOB, and Al-Jazeerah did NOT report on it as being so, WHY should I believe this is a REAL ‘insurgency’? In other words, why is the CIA and Al-CIA-duh, aka Al-Qaedah, always caught working together in regions targeted for destabilization as a prelude to US invasion? ISIS, as we all must know by now, was funded, armed and trained by the CIA and its lackeys in the region, like the BinSaud desert mafia.

  3. what is the "rebels" reason for fighting????????????????????? why isn’t that the focus. this is manufactured consent.

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